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Question of the Week: Methods of Teaching

question of the week: what methods do you use when you’re teaching?

I have a lot of aspirations for what I’m going to do in my classroom when I student teach in the fall. A lot of it has to do with the methods of teaching I use. I know that it’s easy to fall into the loop of lecturing and having students take notes, but I feel that especially with English there’s a lot more I can do.

I want to have debates and have students work in small groups and with partners. I want to have them do group projects even though I know that can be a slippery slope. I want to have them make presentations on topics relevant to what we’re reading. I want them to act out scenes from the text. I want them to learn in the way that is best for them. I want to incorporate multiple intelligences into my classroom.

I think that it’s easy to do what’s familiar and what we’re used to in the classroom. I think it’s easy to incorporate what our teachers did when we were students. But times have changed. Technology is a much bigger influence in the classroom now. There’s more research based on the fact that different students learn in different ways. And I think it’s important to have fun in the classroom.

So these are some of the methods that I want to bring into my classroom to make it as fun, exciting and interactive as possible. What do you do in your classroom to mix things up?



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