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What Technology Do You Have in Your Classroom?

I think it’s easy to overlook having technology in the classroom, especially when teaching English. English historically is all about books and writing papers. There’s not a lot of technology involved in the traditional mindset. But that’s really not the appropriate mindset to have anymore.

Technology is everywhere. It’s in the fact that we ask students to research and write papers on computers. It’s in the fact that students can make amazing presentations online. It’s in the fact that students are more comfortable with technology than with pen and paper, and we as educators need to recognize and foster that.

So what technology do you plan on having in your classroom? I want to foster having computers and smartphones so long as they are being used appropriately. I want to allow students to teach me new things about technology. I want to bring the world my students already know into my classroom so that everyone can feel more welcome. The world is ever evolving, and I want myself and my students to evolve with it.

What about you? What are your thoughts on bringing technology into the classroom?



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