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Word Walls

I envisioned having a more elegant title for this post, but I don’t.

Here’s the thing. I like words. I’ve always liked words. Words are powerful and beautiful and meaningful. Words and communication are what make the world go round. We as individuals needs to understand words to be a part of all that.

Sometimes words are easy to understand. We know them from the time we’re small. They have images associated with them. But then there are words which don’t fit into that category. They sound funny or are hard to say. We don’t picture what they mean. We’ve never heard them before.

That’s where a word wall comes in. Picture a wall covered in note cards. Each note card has two things written on it – a word and the word’s definition. The students have chosen these words, looked up the definitions, created the note cards. Students are directly creating vocabulary and classroom content.

Isn’t education just a little bit better when students get to play a role in what they’re learning?



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