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Young Adult Literature

What are your thoughts on young adult literature? Do you like it? Do you read it? Do you think it has a place in the classroom? Would you bring it into your classroom?

I love YAL. I’ve loved it since before I really knew what it was. I love discovering new authors and new stories. I love seeing different writing styles. I love delving into an area of literature that always seems new and exciting. And now that I’m (almost) a teacher, I want to be reading YAL more now than ever. I want to know what my students are reading. I want to be able to make recommendations.

And I want to bring YAL into my classroom. Reading the classics is a great thing to do. It’s an important thing to do. But it’s also important to read YAL. It’s important to read things one is interested in and can connect with. It’s important to read things one wants to talk about. And yes, sometimes that’s the classics. But sometimes it’s not. And there needs to be an alternative.

I think that sometimes people write off YAL because it’s a newer genre and not as much is known about it. It doesn’t quite have the foundation that the classics do. But it has been around and fully recognized for about 50 years. I understand that there might still be people who are a little leery of this genre. But I think it’s time to embrace YAL because it’s awesome. It’s awesome and we should be talking about it.



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