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Top Ten Things Lit Lessons I’ve Learned from Students by Arika Dickens

Important things to remember about books, regardless of age groups!

Nerdy Book Club

As an elementary teacher-librarian, I instruct many students over the course of the year. More important, though, may be the lit-lessons I’ve learned from students.  Over the last 10+ years, here are ten that stand out:


  1. Series are King

“Where are the My Weird School books?”  “Do you have Piggie and Elephant?”  “Is the new Wimpy Kid here?”  Of all the questions asked by students, a disproportionate number relate to series.  It drives readers to stories.  Mention to students that a new book is the first in a series and interest skyrockets.  Some kids will even research when the next book releases! In the library, I’ve learned that labeling series books with shelf-markers helps all students keep track of where to find their favorites as well as locate potential new favorites.

  1. Passion is contagious

All it takes is one kid.  Just one kid who has read a book, loved…

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