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Memory Vocab

I have a confession. I like vocabulary. It’s always been easy for me. I’ve always made vocab note cards. I love making note cards. I love making note cards probably more than is normal. So, unsurprisingly, my favorite study method is to make note cards.

But I’ve seen the memory vocab method in action before, and not only does in include note cards (!) it’s a really fun way to study vocab. Memory vocab can be played individually or with partners. To play, you need 2 note cards for every 1 word (so 10 vocab words equals 20 note cards, etc.) On one note card you write a vocab word. On another note card you write the definition of the word. And repeat for all vocab words. When all note cards are made, flip them over and play memory – match up the words and definitions.

There are a few reasons why I love this method. I like that the students are writing out the words and definitions. I like that this method is more “fun” because students are playing a game. I like that it incorporates note cards. I want to one day use this method in my classroom and see how it works with my students. I have high hopes for it.



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