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Not unlike the classics, I’ve had and still have a complex and complicated relationship with poetry. While the classics at least intrigued me in an abstract way, poetry was my nemesis.

I didn’t like poetry, understand poetry, or see the importance of poetry. I hated analyzing poetry because I never saw the hidden meanings; I still often don’t. I firmly believe that sometimes a chicken is just a chicken.

My last semester at UConn I read The Stray Dog Cabaret – Russian poetry. And suddenly something inside me clicked. The beauty of poetry became apparent. Hidden meanings still elude me, but I saw why poetry was important, why it spoke to the soul. I began writing poetry successfully. A whole new world was open to me.

I want to help my students reach that moment. Some will and some might not, and I accept that. But I want to show them that poetry is beautiful and a wonderful means of expression. I want their eyes to open like mine did. Not all poetry will click and connect with everyone. I understand that. I know it was true for me. But I also believe that every student has a poem or poems they can connect  with. I know that was true for me.



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