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Book Reflection #1

I finished an awesome book today. Lately I’ve been enjoying all the books I’ve been reading, but this one I found especially enjoyable.

It’s called The Magician’s Lie, and it’s written by Greer Macallister. There are two parallel story lines throughout the book. One takes place in present day over the course of an evening. The other recounts the previous decade of the magician’s life. Arden, the magician, weaves a magical tale that seems far too outlandish to be true, and will leave readers guessing until the last page.

Go read this book! Seriously. Go read this book. It’s awesome. I read it after finishing The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, and while the two books are vastly different they share many of the same qualities. They’re both magical. They’ll both leave readers guessing throughout the story. They both tell fantastic stories over extended time periods. They’re both books that I immediately fell in love with and want to have on my bookshelves forever and ever.

The only problem I have with both the books is that I can’t read them again for the first time. The next time I read them I’ll know the endings. I’ll know all the surprises. Sometimes I don’t mind that with books. Sometimes knowing the endings is comforting and familiar. But sometimes I wish every time I read a certain book it could be the first time I read it so it would always be magical.

What have you been reading lately? Do you have any book recommendations for me? Let me know!



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