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Lost Month

I’m calling February the lost month since today is the only day I managed to pull it together to blog, and it’s Leap Day. However, since I am blogging today I still haven’t missed a month since I started this blog over a year ago.

I’ve learned a lot since starting the blog. I need to have a direction and a purpose, which fortunately this blog does. I’ve learned that I need to plan in advance and know what I want to talk about. I’ve learned that I need to be consistent in posting because that’s the only way to gain an audience.

March will be better. I have a better system now, and I feel really recommitted to the blog. I think it’s important to have a lost month every now and then, but it’s really important to¬† get back on track and not fall down the rabbit hole.

Come and continue on this journey with me. I can’t wait to see where staying committed to this blog leads me.