This page contains articles that I’ve accumulated over time. Some of them are very specifically for English teachers, and some are more general and could be used by anyone in education. I hope that you find them useful. Please feel free to share any articles you’ve found with me. I’m always looking for new readings.

Looking for articles on the internet is a daunting task. I’ve found many of my articles through ASCD (it is the one thing that I have paid for so far). They have articles on a number of topics, and I’ve sorted some out for you.

I’ve also found a ton of great articles on Edutopia. Their articles are completely user friendly, not too long, and not too short. And they’re all free.

And then there are the articles that I’ve found through friends, through luck, through happenstance. They’re great articles too.

articles on methods:

The Stories of Their Lives by Kathy Checkley

This was an article which talked about different teaching methods in English classes and different ways to help students connect with literature. Topics covered included poetry, literature circles, and connecting to the inherent social need which students have. There were a lot of really interesting ideas in this article, and although it focuses specifically on English classrooms and methods, I think much of what is talked about is transferable.

English Teachers Fight Back by Rick Allen

This was another article which focused on teaching methods and secondary English. There were several methods focused on including literature circles, tableaus, and mirror versus window literature. These methods would be harder to transfer into other content areas, but I think they are definitely things to consider if you’re in an English class or teaching an English lesson.

articles on English:

The Perfect Classroom by Jane Hancock

This is a beautiful article about the power of words and the power of sharing words. I hope to one day emulate this activity in my classroom. I can think of no better way to end a semester than to share the gift of words.


articles on special education:

Our Kids Are Different by Peter Holtz

This article talks about a classroom setting where students with autism and their non-autistic peers are in the same classroom and works together. It focuses on the relationships built between students, and for me the most important take away was that these kids are different because they know how similar they are.

Making Inclusion Work by Rhory Kadish Lamboy

This article talks about the benefits of having inclusion in classrooms and the benefits it brings both to exceptional students and their regular education classmates. It’s easy to get caught up in the mindset that inclusion isn’t working well or that it only benefits the exceptional student, but this article shows that that isn’t the whole picture.

articles on technology:

The Generation That Doesn’t Remember Life Without Smartphones by Jacqueline Detwiler

This is a great article that talks about technology and today’s students. The two are completely intertwined, and it’s important for us as educators to recognize and understand that. This is an incredibly relevant article that I want to share with all my educator friends.

miscellaneous articles:

Other articles that I’ve enjoyed have come from friends in grad school, especially @szdonahue. Here are some of my favorites.

6 Ed Tech Tools to Try in 2015 by Jennifer Gonzalez

This article is great because it introduces new technologies that are easy to use. It’s how I learned about emaze and there are a number of other resources that I’m looking forward to working with.

Unexpected Tools That are Influencing the Future of Education by Katrina Schwartz

This was an interesting article which focuses on different methods of teaching and how education should work. Traditional schooling is something that some people and districts are starting to step away from, and it was interesting to learn about other perspectives. I think it’s easy to get caught up in the mainstream norms, and this article was a good way to take a step back and gain a fresh perspective.



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