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Sharing Words

I love words. I love collecting them and fitting them together. I love seeing how other people fit them together. I love seeing the messages they can send and the power they can hold. Words are powerful, and it’s important to remember that and to teach students that.

I read this fantastic article on Edutopia. It’s titled “The Perfect Classroom”, and it was all about a teacher who brought her class together and had them all shared words. Some people shared poems. Other people shared quotes or song lyrics or phrases they’d heard.

To me, it sounds awesome. It sounds like one of the most amazing things I could do in my future classroom.

You can read the article here. And as always, tell me what you think.


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Classroom Libraries

I love Edutopia. I think it’s a great teacher resource. The articles are easy to read, informative, and have great ideas. I have so many of their articles bookmarked on my iPad so that I can use the ideas in the future.

One idea that I’m really interested in is classroom libraries. Personally I think that every English/Language Arts classroom should have a class library so that students have easy access to a variety of books. It’s just something I think is really important, and I know that I want to have my own classroom library someday.

I found a great article on the importance of classroom libraries on Edutopia. You can read it here. The author talks about the different types of readers, how to bring students into the classroom library, and how to incorporate the classroom library into lessons.

What I like about the article is that it’s broken into the three sections. I like the array of ideas that are connected to a single topic. I also like how the ideas are there and are detailed enough to work with but the article isn’t overwhelming. It’s just the right amount of information to be a springboard, which for me is all I need.

Read the article. Tell me what you think.