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Quotable Quotes #8

“The goal of any writing instruction is not to produce strong writing. It is to produce strong writers” (Calkins ix).

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An Interesting Quote

I’ve been working on reading the Lucy Calkins Writing Program materials lately. It’s the writing program that’s in place at my school, and I’ve been working on familiarizing myself with it. So far I’ve read the seventh grade argumentative writing book, and there are several other books for me to read. I haven’t read any of the books that are associated with any of the other grade levels, but there’s always time.

When I read the argumentative writing book, I took notes. I wanted to make note of all the things I thought would be usable for me in the future, whether I am in a district that uses the Lucy Calkins program or not. I wrote down checklists and ideas and a lot of quotes that really spoke to me. Like this one:

“Argumentation leads to active questioning, deeper considerations of other perspectives, and an understanding that lots of issues are complicated, nuanced, and open to considerable debate.”

I thought that it was a really interesting perspective on argumentative writing. I forget sometimes that writing really connects to so much outside of the classroom. It really impacts how my students are going to communicate in general. And to me, that’s pretty amazing.